Technical information

Cameras, analouge
My first "real" camera was a Minolta SR7 bought 1967 followed by a couple of Minolta pre autofocus bodies.  For my 35-mm work of today I use Nikon F-801,  Minox 35 GT-E, Canon Dial and a Ricoh GR1V. In medium format I use a twin-eyed Rollieflex from 1958 and a Mamiya 645 Pro. 

Cameras, digital
Nowadays I am using a Nikon D70 and a couple of Coolpixes for the majority of my work. 
Through the years I have tried a variety of B&W films and developers. Nowadays I have settled with a minimum of variations. 

For the last ten years I have been using Kodak TMX and TMY developed in HC110 and lately in XTOL.

When shooting color - both negative and slides - there is usually a Fuji film in the camera. 

All my darkroom work is done at home using a Durst M-605 with color head and El-Nikkor lenses. 

B&W work is printed on Ilford Multigrade and developed in Kodak Dektol. 

My color negatives are printed on papers from Fuji and Ilford using the RA-4 process. 

The images of my Photographical albums are either shot digitally or scanned with a flatbed scanner from prints or by a Minolta 35-mm film scanner. 

The images has been adjusted to proper size and resolution in Photoshop. The only alterations made are colour, light and contrast corrections.