Introduction / About myself

Göran as seen by Jenny
A few words of and by the photographer
My daughter Jenny made the drawing to the left when she was three years old. Today, twenty years later, I think it shows a slight resemblance of me. To the right there is a more recent drawing, made by my neighbour Viveca. 

Born in Stockholm in the early 50's. Today living 35 km's Northwest of Stockholm in a village called Kungsängen. 

Göran today
My photographical albums
I have been photographing since the summer of 1967 when I bought my first camera. No special favourite motives - when I'm in the right mood I take pictures of whatever is in front of my camera. 

My images are arranged in different albums - just click on one of the tabs to the right. The images are first presented in a small format. By clicking on one of those you will see it larger. 

Bon voyage!
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